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La libreria dei downloads contiene tutti i manuali, programmi ed altri tool per amministrare il tuo gameserver.


CAL CS:S GUI v1.1 (May 10,2008)
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v1.1 (May 10,2008) Fixed keyboard options bug - you can now set buy binds HUD color changed to "CAL Forums Grey" Added the CEVO Scoreboard Fix Added the CPL Mouse Fix registry files (to install and to uninstall) Added many configs (both for low end and high end computers). They are placed in /cfg/FPS Configs/. Please read the readme.txt in that folder for more information
Filesize: 1.77 MB

CS: Source Counter-Bots MP3!
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This Track is based on the Bots of Counter-Strike Source and how dumb they play but at the same time how funny they are.
Filesize: 2.08 MB

CS: Source Garry's Mod V7A!
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This is a new version of Garry's Mod that allows you to use content from Counter-Strike Source. The download is around the same size as the Half-Life 2 version of Garry's Mod. The only difference is that you won't be able to play Half-Life 2 single player maps in the CS:S version. But don't worry - both can co-exist on your system quite happily! So seriously - don't worry!
Filesize: 3.72 MB

Official CPL 2008 CS:Source Match Config
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CPL 2008 Counter Strike Source Match Config
Filesize: 6.36 kB